Posted on Apr 16 2015 - 7:40pm by Alex

The world of music is ablaze, ignited by a group of individuals who are creating music that’s so good, it could fill stadiums. From PVRIS to Greywind, Dead Sara to The Hype Theory, Against The Current, The Dirty Youth, Anavae and just so many more – they are all creating world-class rock. However, what makes these sleeping-behemoths different from the pack, is that at the front of the stage you won’t find your archetypal pretty-boy or tattooed to the eyeballs frontman…oh no no no…instead you’ll find insanely talented, female rockstars belting out notes that the guys could only dream of hitting…well…apart from Matt Bellamy, who sounds like he’s been savagely punched in the nuts!

For far too long it seems to have been the accepted norm, within the music industry, that every now and then a female-fronted band comes along, gets massive, and thereby “fulfils the female-fronted quota.” Almost like a “pheeewwwwww…we found Paramore…oh thank fuck, we can stop worrying about it for a bit now” – type situation.

This is 2015, and thankfully that kind of archaic thinking is WELL on its way to being vanquished. The bottom line is that gender should be irrelevant and honestly, every time a journalist points gender out, or uses the phrase “female-fronted”, the problem is reinforced. When was the last time you heard someone say “male-fronted”? What difference does it make, like actually, in the actual real actual world? Actually…really actually.

Yeah, I’m not as thick as I look…I get that I’ve just been totally hypocritical and fallen deep into the very same chauvinistic trap that I was just criticising. So, let’s rewind and start this article again while embracing the fact that really gender should have nothing to do with anything…and leaving you with the question, “did he mean to do that!?”




Hahaha sorry sorry, I know I know, I couldn’t resist. Ok let’s start again…



Anavae don’t fuck about, they write hits, smash hits, through and through! In fact, when they aren’t writing their own music, they are often off helping other bands write theirs (it’s like they can’t help themselves, the musical fuckers!).

The last EP, Dimensions, kicked so much ass that admissions to A&E that year soared by 1000% and I reckon I’ve played pretty much every song off it on my show at some point – such is the diverse, melodic but kinda dark nature of the record. Fast forward to NOW, and they are back with a brand new BANGER, a brand new awesome-weird-backwards video and a brand new…….errr…a braaand newww….hmm…felt like it needed a third thing…I’m not sure what else is new, let’s find out in a bit. For now though, check the rad video:

Good huh!? Annyway, so I wanted to chat to the guys about what makes them so bloody magnificent…but in the chaos of it all I couldn’t decipher where they actually were, so I got lead singer Rebecca to send me a strand of her hair (not in a creepy way), wrote a bunch of questions in massive letters in a notebook, attached said notebook to a homing pigeon, fluttered the lock of hair before the pigeons beak-nose, and sent it on its pigeony-way…10 days later, I got sent this very video! Fuck me, I love it when old tech and new tech come together! TECH WIN!

What a couple of total fucking legends eh?

Follow Jamie and Rebecca, by clicking on their names and go track Anavae down NOW @AnavaeMusic.

And think twice before you describe a band as “female fronted” again, yeah? Its that the most interesting thing? Naaah mate.