Bad Sign

Posted on Oct 15 2014 - 9:09pm by Alex

You know in Disney’s Beauty And The Beast there’s that chisel-jawed hyper-fuck, called Gaston? He’s your archetypal strapping gentleman, all muscles, brawn and gusto – but rather than having a heart of gold, he’s a green-eyed beast-racist, with the manners of a London Underground commuter. Essentially, he’s a twat – but god-dammit, he is manly as fuck. I mean he eats five-dozen eggs every morning!! He’s roughly the size of a barge!! And, those skin tight, skimpy black leggings…sweet Jesus, if he’d gone into live action rather than animation, he’d basically be one of the Expendables.

WHY ARE YOU TELLING ME ALL THIS ALEX!!? Well, imagine, if you will, a band with music so muscley and so laden with ground-shuddering machismo, that the mere suggestion of one of their riffs would give Lumiere and Mrs Potts a hernia…AND THEN IMAGINE that there is no twattish element to the band at all and there’s just a bunch of lovely dudes behind this killer sound…

…well THAT…is what Bad Sign sound like.


I went along to a doomsday conference and found myself surrounded by conspiracy theorists and religious maniacs all screaming about end-times…I was hoping that I’d find the Bad Sign guys there. Unfortunately, it seems that life does not consist of a series of lazy jokes that just happen to come to fruition for the sake of my site…so I just rang them! Euuugh…so “journo”…

What’s a “bad sign”? The fact that all the Honeybees are disappearing? The bothersome issue that ozone gasses are slowly suffocating our beloved planet? The fact that the dude that writes Game Of Thrones STILL hasn’t finished the series? Did you name your band after a signpost that points the wrong way? OR MAYBE it’s a football reference “ahh god what are we gonna do with <insert famous but not very good football player here>!?”

The name came about through the promoter of the first show we were booked to play saying he needed a name for the poster and when we said we didn’t have one yet and he turned round and said “well that’s a bad sign isn’t it” and we were like yeah go for it, put that down! We never really cared about some great, meaningful band name to be honest. We have always been focused on our music and lyrical content above anything like that, although over the past couple of years since then I have come to think that it represents how we sometimes feel as a band. That we’re like the outsiders. We don’t fit in any scene or musical clique. We have always felt like we’re fighting to reach people because we don’t just slot in a nice genre label and to be honest we like it this way. We play on all different types of shows, with all types of bands and have made great friends in all these different circles. We like being the outcasts. We’d never want to start making the same record release after release. We will always push ourselves to be better and better because I think you owe that to not only yourself as a musician but also all the people that support you.

We chat on twitter a lot and I’ve noticed that you guys have a genuine interest in new music, this makes me happy – who are your favourite new bands out there at the moment?

Some stand out bands at the moment for us would be Dead Harts, Lonely The Brave, We Never Learned To Live, Canvas, F.O.E.S, Yeti Love, Sworn To Oath, The Colour Line, Moose Blood, Gnarwolves, Faux, Wicked Snakes, Palm Reader, Press To Meco, Treason Kings, The Lion & The Wolf, New Desert Blues, Empire, Archean Soundtrack … so, so many haha we love new music!

Gene Simmons of Kiss fame recently said that “Rock Is Dead” – I think this is symptomatic of him not having a fucking clue what’s actually going in the real world these days…discuss?

Look man, If “Detroit Rock City” or “Rock n Roll all night” comes on in a bar when I’m pissed I’m going to be throwing shapes hard no doubt about that … but other than that Gene Simmons should just shut the fuck up. He’s an old man who has admitted many times in interviews that he only started a band to make loads of money and sleep with women … So is it really worth taking his opinion on the state of rock music!? no. absolutely not. Rock music is alive and well … just look at bands like Royal Blood claiming debut no.1 albums as well as the thousands of amazing bands/records coming out right now. Gene is a full time wasteman. He needs to sit on his pile of money, have a werthers original and keep it buttoned.

Your music is riffy as fuck, what do you think the perfect riff needs? Write me the perfect riff NOW and video it…I demand it!! Then one day, when this riff takes over the world, we’ll all now where it began!!

For me a great riff has to drop hard, in the right place and has to have good movement and groove … the kings of this are RATM & ETID amongst many other guardians of the sacred art of the riff. 


The latest EP “Destroy” is out now – get it, it’s too sick. Gwarrrn Bad Sign!! Follow them now @Badsignband