Posted on Nov 13 2014 - 9:59pm by Alex

Halloween has come and gone once more. A fabulous time, dedicated to mastering the art of Party, making questionable life decisions and pushing the boundaries of taste of decency just that litttttle bit further each year. However, if like literally thousands of people this year, you were crippled with fear that you were going to get it spectacularly wrong, here are some key principles to follow next time:

  • Blacking-up is racist!! Definitely avoid dressing up in a way that means you’re changing your race in some form. The likelihood is that you will feel the swift fist of justice…unless all your mates are also racists, in which case you’ll probably all just find it hilarious and carry on being fucking idiots.
  • Rabbits are not sexy!! Playboy had us all fooled, but ever since Bridget Jones’ pervy uncle squeezed her bunny tail (is it a tail? They’re just like tiny crap clouds really aren’t they?…) in the classic and hilarious UK-romp Bridget Jones’ Diary – the only emotion I experience when I see a lady dressed as a bunny, is a deep, dense sadness.


  • Themes/topicality rules! The more topical and thematic the better!! That said, try and stay on the right side of taste to avoid everyone at the party thinking that you’re probably a prick. Someone once told me they were going to go to a Halloween soiree dressed as a certain famous missing child. Their idea was to “dress up like her, and then just disappear half way through the party.” Not cool bro….not cool.
  • Animals are all good. Cats, Dogs, Guinea Pigs, Snow Leopards, The Brazilian Wandering Spider – ok, you’re not going to make anyone cry with laughter, but at least you’ll have tried (a bit) and anything is going to be better than being THIS GUY…

Halloween Costume


This year I went as secret-pop-megastar, Sia. I was surprised by how few people actually knew who she was…I clearly spend too much time watching 4Music and trying to learn dance routines in full body stockings. Much party was had at a mate’s house in Clapham, it was rad…aside from being constantly freaked out by the twins from The Shining WHO WERE EVERYWHERE!!!! I made a documentary, chronicling the evening’s terror.

One of the perils of being a DJ, is that no matter where you go…no matter what the occasion…you are always asked to create a playlist, and this party was no exception. However, rather than just being all secretive about it, I thought I’d share THE ULTIMATE HALLOWEEN PLAYLIST WITH YOU!! Have a listen here.

Until next year my Halloween friends! Stay rad.