Inamo…you technological, tasty thing you…

Posted on Aug 18 2014 - 8:44pm by Alex

Going out for food, rules! I mean everyone likes stepping out for a meal, but as the cat loves the laser pointer and the American fitness-fanatic loves a Diet Coke – I REALLY like it. There’s nothing quite like hitting up a good restaurant with your friends, family, enemies…who cares if the food is good!? However, if I’m being MEGA picky, there are things that bum me out about eating out.

Paying Before You Eat
Although, in principal, I like the whole Nando’s/pub thing of “paying before you eat” – the level of trust you have to have for the establishment in that scenario totally freaks me out. What if my Nando’s isn’t tasty!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Ohhh dear, how ridiculous, that would literally never happen…ok let me think of a more realistic example. Errrm, ok, what if they forget to bring my side of Halloumi!? What if my chicken arrives and it’s set to the wrong spice level? When I’ve already paid, I can’t just cry into my chicken carcass and demand money off the bill can I? No! Instead, I’d have to get embroiled in some sort of protracted complaints procedure…and let’s face it, who can be arsed? So yeah, not keen on the whole trust thing in that situation, soz, it’s not personal.

Waiter Service
As a complete contradiction to the above however, waiter service also has a tendency to bum me. If my Steak Frites sucks, I’m too fucking polite to complain anyway, I feel bad that the waiter has to be subjected to my constant attempts to make friends with them, and, above all else, whenever I’ve finished a large meal, I JUST HAVE TO GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE!! Seriously, I need to escape the scene of the calorific-crime immediately and having to wait for a bill is like actual torture. I mean it, I’ve had panic attacks…I cried in a Wagamama toilet!! (True story).

SO…imagine my delight and unimaginable glee when I came across a restaurant where you don’t have waiters, you don’t pay before hand AND YOU CAN PLAY BATTLESHIPS AT YOUR TABLE!! All hail, Inamo

Ok, so the video isn’t the most inspiring thing ever (should have made my own), BUT TRUST ME – it’s super rad! You literally choose what you want on the touchscreen-projected-menu-thingy and moments later BOOM, the food is on your table! Fancy a cocktail? Peruse the menu and KABLOOMY, cocktail at your table. Another portion of delicious ribs? Oooh I shouldn’t OOPS TOO LATE, I’ve touchscreen-ordered-it!! You can keep an eye on your bill as you order so things don’t get out of hand (they did get out of hand), you can change your virtual tablecloths and yes, as mentioned, you can play Battleships against the other people on your table. In short, it’s fucking amazing and the food – ooohhh the food – sweet baby jesus! Black Cod = WIN; Sticky ribs = WIN; Duck = WIN. All a big fat win.

Seriously though, be careful, you will spend a lot money VERY quickly. Everything is delicious and it’s just too easy.