LIFE: Day 1 Of Having A Site

Posted on Mar 22 2015 - 9:04am by Alex

So I can’t lie to you, I’ve been putting off launching this site for ages, it’s all a bit intimidating really isn’t it! This has been my brain for the past 18 months:

Conscious: “…what if everyone hates it and thinks I’m a knob!?”
Subconscious: “Yeah, but do you actually care Alex? Haters gonna hate”
Conscious: “…what if I never have anything to write about…”
Subconscious: “Dude, seriously…have you EVER not had something to say.”
Conscious: “…how the hell am I going to have time for this?”
Subconscious: “…you’ve always made time for stuff that really matters to you”
Conscious: “I’m really hungry, food is the best.”
Subconscious: “Truth. Preach it sister.”

Ohhh, my poor fragile brain.

The bottom line is though, for ages I’ve wanted a platform to say stuff that’s more than 140 characters on twitter – whether that’s about music, about life, the universe…you know, anything that springs to mind. And although I’m fortunate to be part of the some of coolest and biggest brands in the world, there’s nothing quite like having your own corner of the internet to run wild in. So welcome to my own, personal corner, DON’T MAKE A MESS!

I’ve uploaded a bunch of articles to get things going, but I’ll be sticking more up every week and probably making a shitload of fundamental mistakes in the process, so bear with me haha!

I wanna say a massive shout out to Mike McCabe, who is so safe and has helped me build this beast, I couldn’t have done it without you mate, so thank you so much, you talented hunk. Man, I’m so jealous of people with actual tangible skills! Want a logo? Yeah I can design that! Want me to build a website? Nooo problemo! Graphic designers and web-coders are like the artists and builders of the new age, but instead of being covered in paint and cement, you’re covered in radness and adulation!

Anyway, I really hope you enjoy the site! My brain can be an odd place sometimes I’m afraid, but that’s all part of the fun eh?