Posted on Mar 17 2015 - 10:10pm by Alex

Here we are once more. Don’t know about you, but I’m drunk, on a train, going god knows where, for some shit or another. Thinking about life, thinking about food, thinking about the DESTRUCTION that just took place at Meat Liquor in London town, where I straight SAVAGED a Philly Cheese Steak roll and drank “grog” (as they call it) with MR Tek-One.

Anyway, the point is, in life, amazing shit happens!! I got a phone call from the WWE – they are all like “Bakes…dude, come to New York it’ll be jokes” – so I jump on a plane and piss off to New York…which is basically the home of party – those NYC lot drink like they don’t care about living…I’m talking pints of Whiskey, they don’t give a fuck – girls dancing on the bar, bartenders free-pouring vodka in your eyes, DJs dropping R.Kelly, then flying around on a harness in the bar above the crowd, while the crowd sings “I BELIEVE I CAN FLY” (true story…yeah, I know, mad huh!?). You know, mad party shit. So, I’m thinking to myself: “who do I know in New York?” a few names flash before my eyes, but none more BRO than the name: “Douglas Robinson.” Previously in the band The Sleeping – Douglas Robinson now fronts up a band I’ve been playing for tiiiiiime on my show on Kerrang! Radio called Night Verses.

Night Verses are rad and Douglas has always seemed like a total dude (though at that point I’d never met him) – so I’m thinking to myself “hahaha…wouldn’t it be MAD if I just happened to bump into Douglas in the middle of NYC.” Knowing Night Verses are on tour though, and being aware that I’m in one of the busiest cities in the whole world – I think, “meh…that’s never gonna happen.”

So, I’m walking down the road looking for an amazing pizza place to get fat in, when I see a dude, doing up his shoelace…I think nothing of it and continue walking, when all of a sudden I hear a US voice call out my name: “Alex! Dude!”

I’m thinking: “WTF? Is someone calling for me?” I turn around and the dude who had stopped, temporarily to do his shoelace, is standing up straight, looking right at me…and who do you suppose that dude is? WHO? I’ll give you one guess?

In the middle of New York City…surrounded by tens of thousands of people, walking every which way, in the middle of the night, in the middle of it ALL…DOUGLAS ROBINSON is standing before me….and I know at that moment, that this man wasn’t just a man…but a straight up COSMIC BROTHER!!!!!

Because I’m so unbelievably PRO, I pull out my MacBook Pro in the middle of Madison Square Garden (or wherever we were) and bust out an interview with Douglas ON THE SPOT.


“Dude…are you actually kidding me!? What are the actual chances of bumping into you here? I thought you were on tour??”

First off, I love that you just took your laptop out right in the middle of the street in front of Penn Station, haha. May I sit on my duffel bag as we chat? I’m pretty sure that’s bum piss to the right of us. Anyway.. yeah, dude, this is crazy! I was just on tour for the past two weeks, which happened to be our second US tour ever. Being that the rest of Night Verses are from California, I usually fly back home after we meet up. However, since the tour ended a little closer to NYC, our merch guy and I wound up catching a 12 hour (straight through) bus ride back. Not only did I JUST get off the bus about 10 minutes ago but I just walked from the Port Authority Bus Terminal which is like ten blocks from here. Anyway, I had read somewhere, a few days before tour ended, that you were going to be in NYC and I was thinking to myself, “It would be real cool if I were somehow able to meet up with Alex while he was here.” You know, to say thank you for supporting Night Verses and just to hang and show you around the city. So, fast forward to a few days later, It’s now about 9 o’clock at NIGHT on THE BUSIEST STREET of New York City and as I stop to tie my shoe I hear a British voice in the distance. Alex, you and I have talked a bit through the internet but we have NEVER officially met until now. We had an idea of what each of us looked like but never an official meet. So, I hear this British voice and I look up and at that exact moment is when you were directly in front of me. I wasn’t sure if it was you but I had this feeling that I had to say something. If it wouldn’t have been you I would have just seemed like some crazy dirtbag (I haven’t showered in over 12 hours) in the middle of the road yelling at some British folk. Well, it was you!! I can’t believe it either. It was meant to happen. Things like this aren’t random occurrences. If I tied my shoe 5 minutes ago where I was originally planning to then we probably would never have met. I was even thinking of just taking a cab straight home because of how tired I am but I said fuck it and decided to walk. It’s crazy to think of such cosmic energies in the universe. You know it’s meant to be a lifelong friendship when two people meet like this.


“Hell yeah! It’s just unreal, the universe has willed it!! Like, actually for real! Man, I’ve never been so pleased to have such a British voice haha, you never would have said anything otherwise!! Tell you what though, I may be well prepared on the instant-laptop-out front, but outside of that I’m speechless!” <What followed here was about 20 minutes of me straight-up fan-boying, basically gazing into Douglas’ eyes and saying things like “shit man, your band…your band though…oh my god your band…” – but snap back into the less crushingly embarassing -> “I honestly don’t understand though, how can you be in a band with people on the other side of the country? How does it work? Do you like Skype into band rehearsals or something?”

Everything you’ve said truly means a lot to all of us. We are extremely passionate about what we do and it’s really great to get such incredible feedback. As for the band living on opposite coasts…. it’s really not that difficult. Technology has helped give us the ability to function pretty smoothly under such circumstances. When writing, the band will send me a song or an idea that they’ve created and I will reciprocate. Once we get the ideas in motion we start going back and forth with what we feel can improve, whether it’s taking parts away or adding parts. Then, I’ll fly out to California a couple weeks before a tour and we will see how everything works live. I’d like to point out that even though the technology helps cater to our writing process, it’s not a crutch by any means. We’re an extremely vibey band and once we get in a room together we can instantly feel what’s wrong or right within our ideas. We actually wrote ‘Antidepressants’ in two days while practicing for a show in California. We even played it at the show and it’s one of the songs on the record that needed no adjustments. It’s just a band that’s meant to be a band. This band is four human beings that feel the exact same way when it comes to creating art, we just each bring a different element to get to that exact point.


YOU are wrong my friend – you’re not just four human beings – you’re four UTTER musical geniuses!! You’re drummer (Arik Improta) is RIDICULOUS too, I watched his drum competition video online and my hands actually fell off because they were so disappointed that I’d never be that sick at the drums.

Can I be in the band? I play the flute really well!

Of course you can join the band. Maybe we can hire you as the guy who just stares heavily into the crowd the entire set. I feel like that would be a pretty bold move, haha. Honestly, thank you for supporting us so much!

So right there on that street in the middle of Manhattan we chatted on and on, until my insatiable appetite for a slice of that sweet NYC Pizza overshadowed my excitement of meeting my cosmic brother and we went our separate ways! Haha I’m such a fat bastard.

Go follow on Night Verses on twitter @nightverses and wish my cos-bro the best!