Posted on Aug 24 2014 - 1:06pm by Alex

I’ve been playing these Hampshire whippersnappers for ages on’t radio, and like a fine wine, they get better and better with every listen…ok that’s not a great direct comparison, but you know what I mean. ALSO, it’s clear these guys know nothing of a fine wine after they encouraged me to drink a whole sack of their wine-in-a-box at Hevy Fest once upon a time. If they weren’t so exquisitely dressed I may have though they were scumbags! I threw up on my shoes, I loved those shoes…you’ll pay Yearbook, oh you’ll pay.

There’s a quote on their facebook page ( that describes the guys as:

“Like The Mars Volta if they drank tea and ate biscuits, instead of mainlining heroin”

I’m fairly sure that quote is not from me, if it is, I FUCKING RULE – either way it perfectly sums these guys up both musically and lyrically. Jaggedy-edged, ambient, rocky, mathematical, melodic and always-interesting music that forces you to listen again and again – but unlike The Mars Volta, lyrically you can relate to these guys – they after all, four lovely chaps from Hampshire don’t you know. AND don’t pretend that you can relate to The Mars Volta’s lyrics, just so you can sound cool, because no one can!

Check out the video for one of their insanely good tunes from their latest EP, Old Bones:

I wanted to chat to the guys and ask them loads of in-depth, cutting edge questions about what inspires the ebb and flow of their music – you know, I’m well highbrow like that. I was gonna pop over to Hampshire and hide in a bushel until the guys floated past on rainbow but then I thought “nahh mate, too easy, too….easy.” So, I took a year-long crash course in the study of cutting edge facial recognition software, became a genuine expert, then cross referenced the pictures of the Yearbook guys on their Facebook page, with a secret government archive of primary and secondary school yearbooks. After 3 months or 7,776,000 seconds of computer processing power the search revealed four matches. I ran those matches through the back office computer off a popular “can I have the number/address for x?” database and found their addresses – then my friends, THEN – I paid them a little a visit…Mafia style…sort of. As soon as the door was opened, I plunged in with my first question…

Hello Andy from Yearbook. YOUR BAND IS AMAZING!!! Sorry to be all fan-boy about it, but that’s just a fact. Hi, by the way. When you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror do you think: “fuck, I’m in a shit hot band – what a guy” ?

Hello Alex!! However did you find us? Anyway, we probably would had we not been compared in various reviews to the following: the cast of Happy Days, a bunch of nerds, The Inbetweeners as well as “the cast of The Big Bang Theory in the presence of an Ann Summers shop assistant”. We thought we were a bunch of handsome English gentlemen, but apparently not.

Did you go to mixed secondary schools? I went to an all-boys one, it was sweaty and made the yearbooks totally pointless. Great, a book full of pictures of blokes – it was like Men’s Health, without the health, inspirational-ripped-men, or shitty pizzas made of broccoli. Have you ever actually had a yearbook? Did you like your pictures? Did you draw moustaches on the people you didn’t like and then try and Tipp-Ex them out when moustaches became fashionable?

All of us had a yearbook, except Hamish (@HamishDickinson). What a total loser. He went to some tiny school so maybe the yearbook would have been so small it wasn’t worth it. It would have taken up a single A5 page. More of a yearpage. Thats not cool. I (Andy, @Shmalloway) was asked to model for Men’s Health but had to turn them down as the mass depression that would have ensued after the male population had seen my perfectly toned and oiled body on their shelves, it would have stretched the NHS far beyond its current limits. The world is not ready. Talking of moustaches, Louis (@louisSnoois) can grow a mean porno ‘tasche. I think he’s been able to since he was about 3 years old. Now that’s a real man.

I once pulled a sweet wheelie in a tractor, it was a total fluke but looked and felt so badass, I felt like the king of the countryside, like a lord…a sexy tractor lord. You are country boys…what is your favourite countryside activity?

When we are not roaming around killing people like something out of The Hills Have Eyes, we like to partake in various jovial countryside activities such as apple rustling, stealing lead off the local church roof, helping old mad Ethel catch her 50 cats and swimming in rivers with our good friend Jem (@JemRD). He looks cracking in a towel. (We also think he looks a bit like Ant West).









What makes Yearbook tick? What do you like doing with yourselves? Have any of you got any particularly dark secrets that I could splash across the front cover of a teen magazine?

Writing songs that are not mediocre slabs of bland plod rock, hanging out and getting to meet new people through being ‘cool guys in a band’. Check out the songs on our Facebook page ( and the hang outs on our Twitter (@yearbookband).

Oh, and Andy likes reading books.
Tom (@Brookercantweet) was a trophy-winning ballroom dancer when he was younger. I don’t know if that’s a dark secret or just makes him a bit lame. Probably the latter.
As a child Hamish once fell down a well full of bats and now spends his night times fighting crime on the streets of Gotham city/puts on a pair of tights and runs around St Mary Bourne picking up litter. Andy on the other hand just likes running around in tights and cape for the hell of it (see above video…yeah, that was Andy).

Who are you favourite new-comer bands at the moment?

MassMatiks ( who write edgy indie math music. Some serious chops from their drummer as well. Check out their song ‘Space & Time’

Opie Deino ( Cool female-led pop rock outfit. Awesome vocals and catchy hooks. We are bringing out a split release with them in the near future so keep your eyes and ears peeled! Check out her song ‘Macc’.

Eagleburner (, noisy, angry, droney, country bastards. Like Kenny Rogers meets Converge. Convergy Rogers if you will. Check out their song ‘Dark Country’.

Lastly the epic instrumental post rock jams being delivered steaming hot to your ears by Eschar ( Tom mixed and mastered their EP earlier this year and it’s free to download from their bandcamp. Perfect for long train journeys. Listen to their track ‘Arcturus’ if you want to get a feel for what they do best.