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Life: #365 - Day Zero

So, here we are...

I'm not going to do a long rambling post...because...well, I've got a whole podcast to chat about this on haha (check it out below, and subscribe!). If you haven't heard, I've started a brand new podcast called #365 - one dude, one podcast, one year to turn it all around with an episode every single day. Christ, that's mad isn't it...every day!? Why do I do this to myself hahahaha!

WHY? Because, in short because I'm sick of being overweight - I've struggled with it for basically my whole life, it's a cycle of dieting/stacking weight back on/getting bummed-out about it/dieting again/struggling with food addiction (YES IT'S A REAL THING)/getting depressed about it all/dieting for a bit and losing some weight/stacking it all back on's just boring, and old and I'm sick of it. The reality is, and I know this after all these years of trying and failing, unless I make it my absolute focus, for the entire year, I'll just slip up and mess it up. The only way I'm going to do this is if I make it A THING, you know? So I'm dragging you along for the journey haha!

It's not going to be all about weight-loss, it's going to be about motivation, mindfulness, resilience, goal-setting, focus, stress-management techniques, anxiety, mental health - you name it, it's going to be packed full of that stuff so whether you feel like you want to lose some weight too or not hopefully you'll find it interesting.

I said I wasn't going to go on, and I'm going I'll shut up in the written word and flip to my natural home, audio.

Like, subscribe, rate/review - oh, and The Alex Baker Show Podcast is coming back in March too! OoooOOohh!




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