Hello! My name’s Alex Baker, I hope you’re well? A lot people think I’m called Alex Bakerman, but that’s a lie, a fantasy that I concocted after I realised this world is basically overrun with Alex Bakers!! WHO KNEW that there were so many? I rang The University Of Birmingham to confirm my place after I got my A-Level results through, they asked my name and I was all like: “Alex Baker” – and they said, “ well, which one, there’s like twenty on my system!!”

TWENTY!? TWENTY!!!!! Jeeesus. Alex Bakerman was born.

Anyway, so thanks for finding my site, nice one for reading this and thanks for giving a damn! I’m a radio and TV presenter, voiceover artist, international DJ, writer, music consultant and brand integration specialist – and some of it I’m apparently quite good at…which is nice.

So, enjoy the site, for the most part it’s me whittering on about music that I think is amazing, but you’ll also find a heap of other things in here…basically, I wanted to make a site that was full of awesome stuff – “100% Awesome, 100% Of The Time”…serious posi-vibes…although no doubt I’ll moan about stuff from time to time. Haha! Oh dear.

If you want me to do some work for you in any of my fields then feel free to contact me: alex@alexbakerman.com

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I have a versatile voice which has lead me to working with a wide variety of clients such as: 4Music; FHM; Empire Magazine; heat radio (station voice); Kerrang! Radio (station voice); Planet Rock; Absolute Radio; MCN; Sony Music; Immediate Media; SJM Concerts; 20th Century Fox; Warner Brothers and many more.

Straight-Up, Edgy

Youth-orientated, upbeat


I’ve been a DJ for pretty much half my life. Whether it’s an aftershow party for Metallica, Vans, Monster or BAFTA; festival appearances at Sonisphere (Europe-wide), Download, Groezrock, Graspop, Hellfest or guest slots at shows around the UK (Uprwar, Frat Party, Rock City etc.) – all I ever want to do, is bring the party.

Frat Party DJing

Frat Party DJing

Graspop DJ

DJing in Belgium


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