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I have been a broadcaster, writer, content creator and advertising professional for over a decade and a DJ and voiceover for most of my life. I've worked with some of the world's biggest brands including: Coca-Cola, Google, Sky, Bauer Media, Channel 4, Magic Radio, Absolute Radio, Kerrang! Radio/TV, Kerrang! Magazine, heat, YouTube, Monster Energy and many, many more.

Whether you need a voiceover, a DJ, consultation on how to meaningfully connect with audiences, or for interview/appearance enquiries, please DM through my Instagram @alexbakerman.

**Please note that artist/band/music submissions to this email address will be deleted without review. For information on how to submit music for consideration for my shows and playlists, please see the contact section at the foot of the homepage**

High Energy VoicereelAlex Baker
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